Production and Ingredients

As a group of enthusiasts from various fields, but with a common desire to introduce a quality product – dog food, to the Croatian and European market, we have gathered in VonBARF. Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to gather experience in the field of dog nutrition and are very prepared to launch the production of raw pet food.

Von BARF food is a Croatian product, and the production facility is located in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. The production itself is led by a person with 35 years of family experience in meat and meat products production.

The hygiene and health safety of our work is continuously monitored by EUROINSPEKT CROATIA CONTROL Ltd., laboratory Zagreb.

Therefore, when you buy a Von BARF product, you can be sure that you have given your pet not only the highest quality but also guaranteed safe and healthy food.


Ingredients – we are confident in their quality and origin!

It is extremely important for us to know the origin of every ingredient we use in the production of Von BARF food to be sure of the top quality of our products. We strive to choose the best suppliers for each ingredient we use in production because we know that the quality of every ingredient is crucial in creating a product of top quality.


We procure beef, as the primary ingredient of VonBARF food, from the highest quality meat suppliers, exclusively of the quality suitable for human consumption.

Ensuring the top quality of our products, we also carefully select the other ingredients we use alongside meat in our products to create a complete and balanced meal for your dog, high-quality and of controlled origin.

We procure vegetables and fruits exclusively from local suppliers. By doing so, we help the community in which we live and work, ensure the survival of small producers and companies, and reduce dependence on large corporations. The raw materials we buy from local producers are mostly of organic origin. By doing this, we reduce the environmental impact – soil, water, and air. By producing and delivering food in this way, we reduce energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases.


In the production of meat products, the key is the freshness of the ingredients. Therefore, fresh meat from local suppliers arrives at our facility almost daily, strictly adhering to the legally prescribed uninterrupted cold chain during meat transport.

To ensure freshness, quality, and health safety of the meat, each shipment is checked upon arrival and properly stored.


As part of the production process, we respect absolute traceability of ingredients in accordance with HACCP standards. This literally means that for each portion of our food (or for each production batch – lot), we can precisely determine in which store it ended up for sale, as well as from which supplier we procured the raw material.

Also, we use a range of procedures to guarantee quality and freshness. By packaging products in polyamide wraps, we preserve maximum freshness and hygienic integrity of the product. This protects the product from oxidation and bacteria and helps it retain freshness longer.


Immediately after packaging and labeling, the products are stored in a refrigeration chamber, where they are rapidly frozen to the desired temperature. This is important because rapid freezing creates small ice crystals that, unlike freezing by conventional methods, do not create large ice crystals that damage the cell membrane and thus destroy the cell structure. This production process maintains the high quality of the nutrients contained in Von BARF food.


Packaging products in polyamide wraps and rapid freezing are the only way to preserve food fresh and natural – without thermal processing and the addition of preservatives. This makes VON BARF products unique in the field of pet nutrition. You won't find any "E" ingredients in our food.

In conclusion, when you feed your pet VON BARF food, you are actually giving them higher quality and healthier food than what you usually eat yourself.

  • We prepare products in accordance with the highest health and hygiene standards
  • We carefully select ingredients – only the healthiest and natural ones are good enough
  • We do not use starch or soy
  • We do not use grains – your dog is a carnivore and grains do more harm than good
  • We do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers, colors, or any other additives
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