Meet Us

In the Von BARF team, we have gathered people who truly believe that every pet deserves only the best. We believe that if we were to ask them what they love most, they would simply say they adore being with us, love to explore and experience new things, enjoy walks and adventures, but also love to eat. And to ensure that what they eat is truly worthy of their love, we take care of it. We make completely natural and healthy food that dogs love. And in this way, we give them back at least a fraction of the love they give us.

All of us have had pets for as long as we can remember, we took our first steps with them, and we joyfully shared our lives with them. And we fed them in various ways. But one thing is undeniable – since our dogs tried BARF, nothing has ever been as delicious to them.

We happily watched how much they enjoyed this food (even though the smell of BARF might have been a bit challenging for us at times, but for the sake of love, it was never a problem to endure a few seconds of a smell that might not be the finest in the world for us...). And most importantly of all – we watched how they became and remained healthy, how their fur became shinier, how their life energy increased, their teeth became whiter, digestion became ideal, and their stools became firm and easy to collect.

Based on our long-standing life experiences with dogs and their nutrition – both theoretical and practical – our products were created. Uncompromisingly high quality. Just as nature designed them for dogs. The way we would feed our pets, who are, without exaggeration, equal members of our families. We truly believe that our product is the best food for your pet. We produce it in Croatia, in the factory in Bjelovar, and the production manager is a person with 35 years of family experience in meat and meat product manufacturing.

We are a small company that has all production processes in our hands. In this way, we can personally control all processes from start to finish and know that everything is carried out in a controlled and best possible way.

Our meat is meat and looks like meat. We choose whom to buy ingredients from, what quality those ingredients will be, and based on our own rich experience, we develop new products. We produce and pack them ourselves. When you feed your pet Von BARF food, you know exactly what it is and where it comes from. There is nothing hidden in it.

We deeply believe that feeding dogs naturally means feeding them safely and healthily!

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