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Welcome to vonbarf.hr - Your Source of Quality Raw Food for Dogs!

Why should you consider BARF as an option for your dog's diet?

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Welcome to vonbarf.hr - Your Source of Quality Raw Food for Dogs!

There are several very good reasons to switch to BARF.

Our dog food contains only fresh and natural ingredients. Which means your dog gets all the nutrients it needs from:

  • fresh meat,
  • offal,
  • bones and cartilage
  • that small amount of fruits and vegetables 

and therefore there is no need to add synthetic vitamins and minerals to the meal.
Our dog food does not contain grains, potatoes, soy or corn. Because dogs are carnivores and all of the above have more harm than good, especially if it is a dog prone to allergies.
Our BARF is therefore a completely natural product, without artificial dyes, flavor enhancers, and other additives. 

BARF is certainly also the choice for dogs that have digestive problems, symptoms such as:

  • vomiting,
  • crunching
  • rumbling
  • diarrhoea

The food we offer is easily digestible because it is rich in enzymes naturally present in raw food.

Von BARF offers various types of raw food for dogs

 i.e. different types of meat in order to offer a quality alternative to dogs that are allergic to certain types of meat.
The basic line of our products is based on beef, and in the Premium Selection line of products you can choose between:

  • duck,
  • rabbit,
  • horse meat,
  • lamb
  • and game meat.

With our BARF food, you can be sure that your dog ensure quality nutrition and improve his health and longevity.

For quick transition and adaptation of dogs to BARF

we recommend our product Von Barf Starter. This food is specially adapted for beginners in the BARF diet, intended for adult dogs and puppies who switch to raw food.

Von BARF Classic 

is a complete and balanced food intended for adult and developing dogs of all breeds.
It is extremely favorable for development strong muscles, healthy bones and teeth in young dogs. But also for the health of the digestive and immune systems, which are the basis for the health of the entire organism.

For dogs with a sensitive digestive system, dogs prone to allergies, dogs in post-operative treatment, overweight dogs and older dogs, we recommend our product Von Barf Sensitive. This food is rich in enzymes and extremely digestible.

All our products are easy to prepare, you only need to take the sausage out of the freezer in time, and when the sausage is thawed, serve it to your dog.

Don't delay any longer - switch your dog to BARF and enjoy a happy and healthy pet!

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