Deceptions of Animal Feed Manufacturers

How pet food industry manipulate owners?

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Deceptions of Animal Feed Manufacturers

They convince us that we don't know how to feed a dog.

We are told that it is impossible to prepare a balanced meal at home.
The pet food industry has been trying for decades to convince dog and cat owners that it is impossible to prepare a meal for their pet at home that would met all their needs.

Eating from the table is practically a mortal sin. The saddest thing is that some owners think they are doing the best for their dog because the dog only eats industrial food and has never received 'table food'.

The truth is quite different. By choosing different foods with simple guidelines that talk about the proportions and variety of foods, it is possible to make an excellent, nutritious and interesting meal at home.

Variety of food with basic guidelines ensures a balanced diet. And a balanced diet does not mean the daily intake of the optimal amount of all nutrients, but the intake of the necessary nutrients over a week or more.

Dry, industrial food is better than fresh?

They assure us that a dry ball filled with synthetic vitamins and minerals is better than fresh food.

Do you think that freshly milked cow's milk and the liquid you get by mixing powdered milk and water are of the same quality? Or the 'piece of meat' from the soup from the bag and the piece of meat from the butcher shop that you cooked to get the soup?

For your pet, you should choose food that really looks like food, food on whose declaration you can recognize all the ingredients. We wrote about dietary supplements.

A complete meal for humans!

We were convinced that there is a complete meal for dogs, so why isn't there a complete meal for humans?
There is no food that a dog can eat for a lifetime , only that food and that it be food that will satisfy all the needs for nutrients.

A dog can eat one type of food for a long time, but this will not ensure longevity and health. Nor will it ensure his survival. The average age of dogs has drastically shortened since we mostly feed them processed food that does not meet their needs.

Dogs are carnivores and nothing can replace a meal of fresh meat, offal, raw bones and cartilage.

There is no breed specific food.

The food industry tries to convince us that if it says on the bag that it is for allergic Maltese, then it is!
Don't fall for the story about the existence of food by breed. A chihuahua, a Great Dane and the neighbor's Fido, whose father is unknown, have identical nutritional needs, the difference is only in quantity.

The best food for a dog with allergies is natural raw food, not industrial food loaded with chemical compounds that further irritate the body. br>They have been convincing us for years that the dog is fresh. Let's put dogs aside, let's talk a little about cats...

Today there are fights about whether a dog is a carnivore or a non-carnivore, but everyone will say that cats are carnivores. Although we easily admit that cats are real carnivores, in industrial cat food we regularly find cereals and other foods that are primarily a source of carbohydrates.

Dogs are also carnivores, but they can survive on food rich in carbohydrates. But just to survive, and it can be assumed that every owner wants the highest quality and longest life possible for their pet.

This is only possible with a diet of real and fresh food.

Does premium dog food even exist?

They play with us owners with tempting labels. on bags of dry food. They assure us that there are differences in premium, superpremium and ultrapremium foods.

There is no legal regulation that determines which requirements must be met by food that has the name premium, superpremium or ultrapremium. So these words do not guarantee the quality of the product. They can be listed arbitrarily on each bag of pet food. We wrote in detail about premium dog food.

Dehydrate contains fresh meat and cleans teeth!

We are assured that the dehydrate contains FRESH meat. The term fresh meat can often be found in lyrical descriptions of dehydrates. More precisely, that the dehydrate contains so much and so much fresh meat.
All meat was once fresh, but in order to take the form of dehydrate, it becomes cremated meat. Meat/meat bone meal eng. meat/meat-bone meal

That dehydrate cleans your teeth is a great marketing story, but that's like believing you can clean your teeth by snacking on a sandwich.

Counting calories , omg!

They assure us that we are frantically counting calories, amounts of calcium and vitamins, and that it is impossible to achieve an optimal meal outside of a laboratory

There is easily available data on average nutritional values ​​for each food, but we are talking about average nutritional values! An egg from the same hen will vary in nutritional value depending on what the hen eats.

The differences are not big, but they do exist, which is why it is not possible to make up a meal with 100% certainty in every nutrient. Also, every organism is different and utilizes nutrients differently, therefore it is completely unnecessary to be so burdened to break down the dog's daily food ration in detail. and that it is not such a complicated task at all!

There is no such thing as a perfect meal.

There is a meal close to perfect, and it is certainly a meal of fresh meat, offal, cartilage, bones. 
It's certainly not a brown, dry ball in a bag that doesn't even look like carnivore food. 

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