7 Treasures of Von BARF

Seven new, top-quality treats for dogs!

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7 Treasures of Von BARF

We have included seven new treats in our offer so that you can offer your dog a variety of all-natural treats in addition to top quality and their favorite raw food.
In the new selection you can find something for everyone;

  • for large and small dog breeds,
  • adult dogs and puppies,
  • obedient and disobedient,
  • allergy sufferers,
  • picky eaters and gluttons.

After long-term testing on our dogs, we have put together a selection of treats for various life situations in which treats can and should be useful.
We have chosen some that are chewed for a long time, for all situations when we want to provide our pet with additional interest. For example when it's raining and we can't go for long walks. When the dog has to lie quietly under the table at a meeting or in a restaurant. Or ride for hours on a ferry. Because chewing is both interesting and tiring for dogs.

Treats are for training

The second type of treats we chose are treats for training. Because we believe in positive motivation and we believe that from the earliest puppy age, any behavior we want should be rewarded. And that's why, ever since a puppy or an adult dog enters our lives, we walk around with pockets full of treats. Over time, the amount of treats for learned behavior decreases, but at the beginning of learning, there should be a lot of them and they should be as small and healthy as possible.
And no, treats don't have to be purely functional. Sometimes we just want to hear a delicious crunch and know that we have made our four-legged family member happy with a healthy piece of meat.
All our treats are monoprotein, and you can choose from:

  • Lamb skin is a crunchy and delicious treat for small and large dog breeds.
  • Buffalo leather is intended for larger dogs that need a challenging chew.
  • Horse meat training strips are extremely practical!
  • Chicken necks are a delicacy that dogs cannot resist, because they crunch so temptingly!
  • Beef trachea is a treat intended for medium and large dog breeds.
  • Bovine cervical ligament is a chewing gum intended for medium and large dog breeds.
  • Training treats are irresistible, delicious pieces of beef ideal for training, training and walking.

Von BARF treats are completely natural and minimally processed. Dried only with a stream of warm air and do not contain any additives, grains, gluten or preservatives.
There are many treats on the market that are claimed to be great for cleaning teeth, but when you look at their composition, you can see that they contain a large amount of carbohydrates. Such treats should be avoided because it is like brushing your teeth by nibbling on a biscuit.
When you first give treats that require longer chewing, it is important to supervise the dog to prevent the dog from trying to swallow too large a piece of the treat.
Treats are not a substitute for a meal, but if you give more treats a day, it will probably be necessary to adjust the basic meal you give your dog. If during positive training you reward the dog a lot because you reward obedience, be sure to reduce the basic meal proportionally. This is extremely important for miniature and small dog breeds where the "rewards" can quickly reach the entire meal.

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