the impact of diet on allergies – study published

A large study published several days ago in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine shows how huge a role your puppy’s diet plays in the development of allergies in adulthood.

Why is an increasing number of dogs being diagnosed with food allergies?

It seems as if lately every other dog has been suffering from allergies. Dogs scratch and nibble at themselves, lose hair, lick their paws. This goes on for months and they get better after a corticosteroid injection or antihistamine tablets.

Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?

Lately, it can often be heard that dogs are omnivores, but they are actually carnivores. The fact that they can survive on a diet of foods rich in carbohydrates does not mean that this is the optimal diet for them.

The healthiest dog food

Dogs can survive for years on incomplete, industrial food filled with substances that meet the criteria to be called a complete meal. Only on the food label and in a chemical laboratory of course.

You have welcomed a puppy into your family!

You have welcomed a puppy into your family! The excitement is high because it’s not like a new member joins your family every day.